Analysis of the Iranian media’s latest rhetorical warfare against Israel (Radio Free Europe, June 26, 2012)

One day after Muhammad Morsi was declared the winner of Egypt’s presidential election, Iran’s Fars news agency issued an alleged interview with him in which the president-elect expressed interest in strengthening ties with Tehran.

This analysis explains why – in the words of Victoria Neuland (also quoted in the piece) – you should not “believe everything that you read on Fars.”

Sadly, Israeli and international media did and created yet another whirl wind of reactions, thus handing FARS (mouth piece for the Revolutionary Guard) a much desired news cycle. They reported yesterday that Morsi said that he’d revoke the peace treaty with Israel. Today it turns out Fars just made that up.

RFERL here offers words of sharp and accurate analysis of what drives this sector of Iranian media. Very handy! The ‘war of words’ between Iran and the world not only consist of (failed) diplomatic talks, but equally of public rumours and outright lies…