The FP Twitterati 100 and Introducing the FPwomeratti
(Foreign Policy, June 18 & 20, 2012)

On June 18th, Foreign Polcy published its 2012 Twitterati 100 list. Keeping with the current issue’s theme of the all-around awesomeness of women, it supplemented the list.

Beginning near midnight U.S. East Coast time on Monday, a group of women from around the world created a list of interesting and influential activists, journalists, analysts, economists, geeks and wonks. Within a few hours, we had more than 200 names and our list had begun to make the rounds on Twitter.

I’ll be honest – at first glance, I thought someone had realized that there was an opportunity to tie this issue’s theme in with social media and handed what would be a quick analytics project to a social media intern. BAM! Great marketing spin. But after going through the list and ending up adding some 30 new names to Sophia’s and my shared twitter feed (yes, the one for the blog), I have to say that I actually think the Womeratti post was the more interesting of the two. I had most of the celebrity, well-known guys from the Twitterati on my feed already. The women’s list, gathered at a grassroots level, has much more of a who’s who feel to it. So, kudos on the piece. Isn’t the promotion of intelligent, on-the-ground analysis and first-hand experiences what social media’s supposed to be all (or at least a lot) about?