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Calvinball in Cairo
(Foreign Policy, June 18, 2012)

Mark Lynch joins in the fun of pointing out the absurdity of current events by paralleling the current senselessness of Egyptian transition to (we’re kinda hoping) democracy with the romping fun that is Calvinball. His analysis is helpful as a review of an over-year-long mess

As in Calvinball, the one constant in Cairo’s trainwreck of a transition seems to be the constantly changing rules and absolute institutional uncertainty.  Prior to the first round of the Presidential election, several key candidates were disqualified on questionable grounds.  Efforts to form a Constitutional Assembly before the Presidential election failed, then succeeded, then failed again.  Just before the Presidential election, the Supreme Constitutional Court declared the Parliamentary election law unconstitutional, leading to the dissolution of Egypt’s first freely elected Parliament.  But the Parliament’s speaker rejected the ruling, declaring that he would convene a session anyway.

Go read the whole thing. Then dust off your Calvin and Hobbes collection and dive into those 😉