(The Economist, June 16, 2012)

It is unfortunate that after all the hope and anguish of the past 18 months Egyptians are presented with a choice between the deep state and the Brotherhood. Yet it does not mean that the revolution has failed. Under Mr Mubarak, the country was suffocating. Egyptians now can at least say what they want and vote for whomever they like. If they opt for Mr Morsi and the Brothers, they face a future full of risks. But that is better than a return to the oppressive past under Mr Shafiq.

I agree with the analysis, but I still get so annoyed by the narrative of “the Arab revolution has succeeded” and Western media’s refusal to face the facts. It failed. Massively.  Like the Russian revolution: replacing one oppressive regime with another is not ‘a success’.  Before we call the things by their proper name, we cannot begin to act appropriately.