UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s recent call for international intervention in Syria makes me think of the Monty Python bit in Life of Brian which lampoons the inactivity of activist groups. Those boys must have been as far-seeing as the Fates.

At a joint press encounter on June 7th, Ban acknowledged the gravity of the situation in Syria, stating

The Syrian people are bleeding.  They are angry.  They want peace and dignity.  Above all, they all want action… We see little evidence that the regime is complying with its commitments under the six-point plan endorsed by the Security Council more than two months ago. The opposition is hardening and turning increasingly to arms. Terrorists are exploiting the chaos. Gross human rights violations are multiplying. The killing we have witnessed in recent weeks is indicative of a pattern that may amount to crimes against humanity. The confrontations in certain areas of the country have taken on the character of an internal conflict, subject to international humanitarian law and possible war crimes prosecution. The international community must recognize all these realities – and must act now.

to which his solution was

in view of the deteriorating situation I would welcome further international discussions on the way forward.

John Cleese & Co have clearly warned us about such talk

I’m not saying consensus isn’t important, and obviously it’s essential to make sure everyone’s on the same page before international action is taken. But the Syrian government has been massacring its own people since March of last year. In that time, NATO enforced a no-fly zone in Libya by destroying Qaddafi’s military and, in effect, brought down his regime. So international action isn’t impossible. It just hasn’t happened in Syria yet. Let’s discuss.