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(EU Observer , June 8, 2012)

Unfortunately, in [the previous talks in] Baghdad, Iran was not prepared to take up our suggestion to enter into discussions on the substance of the proposal,” Schmid said in her note, leaked in The Guardian newspaper on Thursday (7 June). “You and I had numerous phonecalls and long meetings toward this end. Now there is a need to engage seriously on issues of substance,” she added.

As we wait for the nuclear talks in Moscow to fail – since no diplomatic solution is possible in a binary system where Iran wants the capability to develop a nuclear weapon and the Western powers do not want Iran to obtain that capability – new leaked documents show clearly how the P5+1 are being pulled around the arena by Tehran. Or, let me modify: the US, the UK, France and Germany. It’s not so clear that China and Russia really have issues with Iran at this stage. The good news: Helga Schmid has throughout the talks proved her diplomatic savvy. And she ain’t buying into the Persian fairytale.