(DailyMail, May 8, 2012)

But she added that she still hopes to see an American woman president in her lifetime. She told the crowd she wanted to see ‘that final glass ceiling’ broken after making her own bid for office when she sought the Democratic nomination four years ago and barely lost to Barack Obama. Clinton added that the American political process is difficult and heavily dependent on fund raising – which makes it hard for any candidate to succeed. She said: ‘I think that there will be an election that will elect a woman,’ before quickly adding that wouldn’t be her.

Because this came after the impressive and yes, entertaining success of the “texts from Hillary” and the “Work Hard, Play Hard”-hype. And I saw a MEME on this story with a picture that simply read read  “Guess have many fucks I give…ZERO fucks”. And rude language aside – yes! She’s busy with her job, looks respectable (which I do believe her job obligates her to) but people obsessing about her looks rather than her politics drives me nuts. Do we see posts about Obama’s declining hairline or Barosso’s weight?

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